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Varsity AAA Boys Top Ten

AAA Boys - Jan 1st, 2021

Happy New Year Ballers!!! We are kicking off 2021 with a full slate of rankings and first we will look into the AAA Boys division. A little shake up but nothing too major.

1. Fredericton High School Black Kats (1) - The Black Kats posted two wins over Leo Hayes (77 - 61 & 92 - 55) before Christmas and then travelled to AA # 4 Carleton North on December 30th to take a 111 - 84 road win in Florenceville-Bristol. Not quite as dominant as in previous years but how will the field behind them close the gap?

2. Miramichi Valley High School Pulamoo (4) - The Pulamoo have climbed two positions due to their 2 league wins over Moncton High. Miramichi Valley took a 3 point win in Moncton 70 - 67 on December 16th and followed that up with an 81 - 76 win in overtime at home on the 22nd.

3. Bernice MacNaughton High School Highlanders of Moncton (2) - We have not heard from the Highlanders since their early season win over Riverview back in early December. The lack of posted results has cost them a spot in the rankngs.

4. Moncton High School Purple Knights (3) - The Purple Knights dropped those two very tight contests with Miramichi Valley and will drop a spot for their efforts. We expect coach Smith to get these boys in the win column very soon.

5. Kennebecasis Valley High School Crusaders of Quispamsis (6) - The Crusaders dropped their first game of the season and have now won 4 straight. KV lost to Simonds on the road December 14th 58 - 55. Big Blue then Won over Simonds at KVHS 67 - 49. Next up was Rothesay High where the Crusaders took the road game 74 - 63 and then the backend of the home and home 81 - 50. Finally an exhibition win in Sussex on December 30th 83 - 69.

6. Simonds High School Sea Bees of Saint John (8) - The Sea Bees get a small bump up for their win over the Crusaders to start the season. Since the lost to KV on December 16th Simonds have peeled off 3 straight wins. A 91 - 42 win over Harbour View and then a pair of wins over AA Top 5 Fundy Mariners. The Sea Bees took those games 112 - 42 and 101 - 41. This team can score.

7. Leo Hayes High School Lions of Fredericton (7) - The Lions may deserve to be up a little but Being stuck in the West with only FHS to play at the AAA level due to Covid-19 restrictions does not allow us to see what they can really do. The 16 point loss to the Black Kats may be their best result of the season. A 24 point win over AA Contender Carleton North was also a good showing. The Lions should settle in around the 5 to 9 spot all year long.

8. Saint John High School Greyhounds (5) - The Greyhounds may not be getting a fair shake out of this, dropping 3 spots to number 8. They did split with previously unranked Sussex Regional, losing 77 - 72 at home before winning at the Sonic Dome 76 - 62. On December 30th the Greyhounds 4 point win over AA Top 5 Rothesay High 72 - 68 may have been enough to let them slip down. We expect them to rebound begin their climb back up fairly soon.

9. Sussex Regional High School Sonics (NR) - The Sonics have been fighting to get some respect. They split with Saint John High, took two from St. Stephen (Only one result was posted, a 79 - 67 win) and then lost at home to #5 Kennebecasis Valley by 14, 83 - 69. They have been rewarded with a spot on our ranking in the number 9 spot for their efforts.

10. Riverview High School Royals (10) - The Royals may be better than this but we just have the one posted result, a 6 point win over Harrison Trimble to their credit on the season. Until wee see more against some of our ranked teams we will keep them here for now.

Looking In: Harrison Trimble High School Trojans of Moncton (9) - The Trojans only posted the single game, a 90 - 84 loss to Riverview on December 16th. They may be better than this and could find their way back up soon.

Varsity AA Boys Top Ten

AA Boys - Top 10 (January 1st, 2021)

The AA Boys rankings give us a lot of change as every team has a new home on the list.  The battle for top spot is extremely tight with very little serarating the two teams.  Lets dive into in...

1. Carleton North High School Stars of Florenceville-Bristol (4) - The Stars make the jump to number one as they split with Woodstock, taking the road game in Woodstock 98 - 74, then losing at home 71 - 61.  It was the 111 - 84 loss to AAA # 1 Fredericton High School that was the effort that put Carleton North over the top this week.

2. Woodstock High School Thunder (1) - The Thunder had the split with Carleton North in AA action and then they played single A #1 Hartland on December 30th and came away with the 59 - 43 win at home.  A Decent result but not enough to hold onto #1.

3. Rothesay High School Red Hawks (5) - The Red Hawks took two from Hampton, 90 - 48 & 72 - 49 before they embarked on a few weeks of AAA exhibition games.  Rothesay met then number 6 Kennebecasis Valley on the 21st of December for a 74 - 63 loss at home.  Dec 23rd would not go as well as the Crusaders won 81 - 50.  A 4 Point loss to saint John High on Dec 30th, 72 - 68 gave some additional credit to the Rothesay Boys and they find themselves in 3rd for now.

4. Tantramar Regional High School Titans of Sackville (2) - The Titan slip a couple of positions but mostly due to what the others have done moreso than anything that they did wrong.  The Titans have two wins over L'Odyssee in league play, winning 90 - 68 on the road and 83 - 76 at home.

5. Fundy High School Mariners of St. George (3) - The Mariners were quiet until recently when they met AAA Simonds in a home and home on the 28th and 29th of December.  First they were on the road at Simonds High for a 112 - 42 loss.  Then next day at home, Fundy would take another beatdown from Simonds, this time 101 - 41.  The Mariners drop two to number 5.

6. Ecole Sainte-Anne Castors of Fredericton (7) - Ecole Sainte-Anne has played four times since the last ranking.  They have four wins.  First up was a league home and home with Oromocto High School. Dec 16th at ESA, it was Les Castors 105, Oromocto 76. On the 18th in Oromocto is was 81 - 60 for ESA. Sainte-Anne would then take two from Leo Hayes JV, 71 - 46 and 88 - 47.  Solid performance to climb one spot to number 6.

7. Bathurst High School Phantoms (6) - The Phantoms have been a little quiet since our last rankings.  A 89 - 61 win over James M Hill on December 14th and a 100 - 49 win against Secondaire Nepisiguit on December 17th.  The Bathurst boys drop 1 to number 7 and will need to show us more to stay here next week.

8. Harvey High School Lakers (NR) - It was a late notice into our news room about Harvey joining the AA ranks and now they find themselves debutng in the number 8 spot.  Harvey has already made some noise as they have 2 League wins against St. Stephen 79 - 67 and 62 - 50.  The Lakers took down Hampton 76 - 54 and then Kennebecasis Valley JV 69 - 50 in a game that was 30 - 30 at halftime.  Still plenty of room to move up for these boys.

9. Ecole Mathieu-Martin Matadors of Dieppe (10) - The Matadors posted a couple of solid wins over JMA Armstrong in League play since the last rankings were released. First it was a 69 - 68 win at home on the 14th, then an 89 - 73 win on the road in Salisbury on December 19th.  Mathieu-Martin followed that up with a2 exhibition wins over L'Odyssee 68 - 64 and 86 - 51.

10. Oromocto High School Blues (8) - The Blues were looking good with an early season exhibition win over a depleted Sainte-Anne team but since then they have dropped two to ESA in League play 105 - 76 & 81 - 60.  Next the Blues split with A#3 Nackawic, winning 66 - 35 and losing 59 - 49.  Down one and hanging onto 10th place in the rankings.

Looking In: The St. Stephen High School Spartans and the JMA Armstrong High School Cougars are both on the outside looking in.  Each of these teams has a chance to make a move into our top ten with decent results over the next few weeks.

Varsity A Boys Top Ten

Single A Boys (January 1st, 2021) 

With no upsets and a low number of games there are no changes in the rankings for the single A boys.  Here are some of the things that have happened since the last release of the top ten.

1. Hartland Community School Huskies (1) - The Huskies took on the always tough Fredericton High JV Boys and escaped with a 60 - 59 win.  Next up the Hartland boys took on the Woodstock Thunder.  The Thunder would win 59 - 43.

2. Stanley Consolidated School Blue Devils (2) - The Blue Devils sinply went 6 - 0 since last we wrote. 2 winss over Dalhousie, 62 - 52 and 69 - 25.  Two wins over AA James M Hill, 67 - 45 & 76 - 59.  Finally 2 wins over Blackville, 83 - 38 & 86 - 30. 

3. Nackawic Senior High School Nighthawks (3) - The Nighthawks looked terrible on December 21st in Oromocto when they took on the AA OHS Blues.  The Blues win at home 66 - 35 over the visiting NHS Nighthawks. The next night in Nackawic, the Nighthawks would turn the tables on Oromocto with a 59 - 49 win.

4. Petitcodiac Regional High School Panthers (4) - The Panthers put up two wins against the AA JMA Armstrong Cougars from Salisbury.  First, the Panthers won on the road 55 - 43 and the next night would take the rematch at home 66 - 60.

5. Fredericton Christian Academy Eagles (5) - The Eagles would go 1 and 1 in exhibition play as they get the W over Ecole Sainte-Anne JV 65 - 45.  They would next lock horns with the Fredericton High School Exhibition team.  FHS Ex would take this one 90 - 66.

6. Caledonia Regional High School Tigers of Hillsborough (6) - The tigers win the only game that they play as they take down Minto 73 - 41.  Head to Head matchups in the East will give us the info needed to figure things out there.

7. Sussex Christian School (7) - Sussesx Christian No Games since their two wins over Belleisle.

8. Cambridge-Narrows School (8) - The Cambridge-Narrows boys been idle recently.  Nothing changing for them at this time but we will see what January has in store.

9. John Caldwell School Golden Knights of Grand Falls (9) - The Knights Take on two JV Programs going in different directions.  JCS grabbed a win over Woodstock High School JV 77 - 54 but took the loss to Carleton North JV 69 - 63.

10. Belleisle Regional High School Bruins (10) - The Bruins are probably lucky that they did not play.  They are likely hanging on here by a thread.  We cannot wait to see some results from 2021.

Junior Varsity AAA / AA Boys Top Ten

JV Boys Top 10 (January 1st, 2021)

There was enough action in the JV Boys world to make a little movement, but not much. The top three team may never play but it would be a coin toss we believe.  Here is what we have for this edition of the JV Boys top ten.

1. Fredericton high School Black Kats (1) - The Black Kats lost to A#1 Hartland by 1, 60 - 59 on December 21st.  Not sure how long FHS can hold this spot without many results.

2. Riverview High School Royals (2) - The Royals won over Moncton JV 105 - 31 and then an exhibition tilt with Mathieu-Martin where Riverview came away with a convincing 91 - 42 victory.

3. Kennebecasis Valley High School Crusaders of Quispamsis (3) - The Crusaders Grabbed a couple of wins over their exhibition JV team which also plays out of the Southern AAA JV Division.  the scores were 114 - 29 and 109 - 39.  Then followed that up with a game with AA Harvey High School.  This one would be knotted up at 30 after 20 minutes, but the Lakers would take over in the second half to win 69 - 50.

4. Bernice MacNaughton High School Highlanders of Moncton (5) - The Highlanders Split with Ecole Mathieu-Martin, losing by 8, 75 - 67 in Dieppe before winning at home in Moncton 58 - 45.  For this we give the edge to Bernice MacNaughton as they climb one spot to number 4.

5. Ecole Mathieu-Martin Matadors of Dieppe (4) - Les Matadors had the split with Bernice MacNaughton as the Matadors won 75 - 67 at home and lost 58 - 45 on the road.  Mathieu-Martin would get their first crack at Riverview in an exhibition game on the 28th of December and it was one that they would like to forget as the Royals won easily 91 - 42.  Down one to number 5

6. Carleton North High School Start of Florenceville-Bristol (6) - The AA Stars from Carleton North pounded Oromocto JV 85 - 23 in league play and they defeated John Caldwell Varsity  69 - 63.  The Stars have not lost in 7 games this season.

7. Leo Hayes High School Lions of Fredericton (7) - The Lions only games recently have been against Varsity AA Ecole Sainte-Anne.  The Castors beat the Lions 71 - 46 at the Lions Den and then the next night at home 88 - 47.

8. Rothesay High School Red Hawks (9) - The Red Hawks Played the back end of they home and home with St. Stephen and won that game 66 - 24.  They would follow that up with an impressive win at home against Saint John JV.  The Red Hawks won 72 - 64.

9. Saint John High School Greyhounds (8) - The Greyhounds Have that 8 point loss to Rothesay JV 72 - 64 to thank for there drop in the ranking.  The Hounds fall to 9th.

10. Woodstock High School Thunder (10) - The Woodstock High School Thunder JV Boys played just a single game recently.  It was a 77 - 54 lost at the hands of the Varsity A John Caldwell School Golden Knights.  This is not a great result for the Thunder and they will need better results to hold on here as were get more league results from around the province flowing in soon when school is back in session.