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Varsity AAA Girls Top Ten

AAA Girls - Jan 1st, 2021

Happy New Year Friends and Fans. Well, the toughest division to rank due to lack of posted results and head to head competition against other top ten teams. Here is our attempt to make sense of the AAA Girls division in New Brunswick.

1. Fredericton High School Black Kats (1) - The Black Kats have not posted a game result since the last ranking. We will leave them here for now, but hope to see more action from FHS soon.

2. Moncton High School Purple Knights (2) - The Purple Knights have 4 wins since the last time we wrote. A 93 - 92 double overtime win on the road at Miramichi Valley. An 84 - 54 win at home with MVHS. Next the took two from AA Contenders JMA Armstrong, 70 - 44 in Salisbury and then 73 - 38 at Moncton High.

3. St. Malachy's High School Saints of Saint John (5) - The Saints were in the right place at the right time. With the two teams above them struggling with AA competition, St. Mac's move up two spots with their lone win over St. John High by 1 point. This division should iron itself out over the next two weeks.

4. Bernice MacNaughton High School Highlanders of Moncton (4) - So far the Highlanders only have the split with AA JMA Armstrong on their record . A 61 - 54 loss in Salisbury and a 53 - 52 win at home. The Highlanders did pick up a 2 point win over Miramichi Valley with a 4th quarter comeback, 64 - 62.  The 3 - 10 positions may be a rotating wheel all season.

5. Miramichi Valley High School Pulamoo (10) - The Pulamoo climb all the way up to number 5 with their double OT loss to number 2 Moncton and then a 6 point win over JMA Armstrong.  The Pulamoo dropped a game with Bernice MacNaughton 64 - 62. They do have a 30 point loss against the Moncton High Purple Knights as well but they will be the benefactor of RNS, Riverview and Leo Hayes not posting results and all slipping in the ranks.

6. Kennebecasis Valley High School Crusaders of Quispamsis (3) - The Crusaders picked up two easy wins over Simonds, 76 - 32 at SHS and 78 - 30 at KVHS. Next up for the Crusaders were a pair of losses to AA # 2 Rothesay High 70 - 63 at Rothesay and 67 - 54 in Quispamsis. The Crusaders slip 3 spots to number 6.

7. Saint John High School Greyhounds (NR) - The Greyhounds put up a fight with St. Malachy's to lose by 1. Not much more out of the Pound so we put them in at number 7.

8. Rothesay Netherwood School Riverhawks (6) - No News out of the nest for the Riverhawks so they slip two positions to number 8. A team that could make some noise but we will have to wait to see some results first.

9. Riverview High School Royals (7) - The Royals have not posted any results since our ranking went out and drop two spots to number 9. Riverview can make a little noise but will need a decent result against a ranked team to begin their journey upward.

10. Sussex Regional High School Sonics (9) - The Sonics have two losses to AA Rothesay, 76 - 46 and 77 - 71. The Sonics did post a nice home win over Harvey (AA) 59 - 48, which was enough to get them into the top ten.

Looking In: Leo Hayes High School Lions of Fredericton (8) - The Lions have not given us anything to go off of here so they are the unlucky ones that fell out of the top ten. They could be back very soon but just like those above them they will need to show us something before they move up. 

Varsity AA Girls Top Ten

AA Girls - Top 10 (January 1st, 2021)

With the dust finished settling on 2020 we have slightly clearer picture of our top ten girls teams in the AA Division.

1. Rothesay High School Red Hawks (2)- The Red Hawks go 4 - 0 against AAA competition as they took down Sussex Regional 76 - 46 & 77 - 71.  Next up they win the battle of the Kennebecasis Valley with a pair of wins over highly ranked Kennebecasis Valley High School 70 - 63 and 67 - 54.  Strength of schedule and a 4 - 0 record are enough for us to give these girls the nod for the number one spot this week.

2. Fundy High School Mariners of St. George (1) - The Mariners were finally able to get some game action as they hosted Harbour View High School on December 18th.  Fundy High School took the game 70 - 35 to win their only game of the season so far.  Decent win but not enough to hold onto the top spot.  We look forward to these the Fundy / Rothesay matchup.

3. Woodstock High School Thunder (3) - Just like the Mariners, it has been fairly quiet from the Woodstock camp.  They do have a couple of huge wins over league rival Carleton North, 74 - 21 & 85 - 32.  Strong statement.  Would like to see a matchup with Fredericton or Leo Hayes to give us a better idea of how good this team is.

4. JMA Armstrong High School Cougars of Salisbury (4) - The Cougars have been busy playing AAA teams.  They had some trouble with Moncton High, losing 70 - 44 and 73 - 38.  They split with Bernice MacNaughton winning 61 - 54 and losing 53 - 52.  January 21st will be a key matchup when they go head to head with Tantramar Regional to let us know who the Queens of the North East are going to be.

5. Tantramar Regional High School Titans of Sackville (5) - The Lady Titans Have been 2 - 0 since the last rankings came out but these were easy wins for them against Bonar Law Memorial 70 - 5 and 90 - 6.  As we said above the January 21st head to head with JMA will be what we wait for.

6. Harvey High School Lakers (NR) - We were not aware of the Lakers entry into the AA Division until after our first release of the rankings.  These Lakers have an 11 point loss to AAA Sussex Regional 59 - 48 at the Sonic Dome and then 2 wins over St. Stephen 59 - 54 and 44 - 41.  Welcome to AA and and a great debut at number 6.

7. St. Stephen High School Spartans (8) - The Spartans had two extremely close losses to Harvey, by 5 and by 3.  Then they wnet into a home and home with AAA Simonds.  St. Stephen took both games, a 78 - 49 win at home on December 22nd and a 56 - 41 win on the road at Simonds on the 29th.  Up one to number 7.

8. James M. Hill High School Tommies of Miramichi (6) - The Tommies have been idle or not reporting scores since the first release of the rankngs.   We do not have much to go on here so they slip 2 to number 8

9. Harbour View High School Vikings of Saint John (10) - Harbour View has just one game posted for the season and it was a 70 - 35 loss to then #1 Fundy High School.  We will need to see more from the Vikes before we can say see if they will rise or fall.

10. Carleton North High School Stars of Florenceville-Bristol (7) - The Stars hold onto last spot as they drop 3 positions to number ten on the back of two massive losses to Woodstock High School 74 - 21 and 85 - 32.

Varsity A Girls Top Ten

Single A Girls (January 1st, 2021)

Similiar to the Single A boys there are no changes in the rankings for this week.  We had very few results and therefore there will not be any movement in the list.  we look forward to the January restart of games.

1. Southern Victoria High School Vikings of Perth-Andover (1)- The Vikings were idle since the last release of the rankings.

2. Hartland Community School Huskies (2) - The Huskies have no posted results since the last ranking.

3. Caledonia Regional High School Tigers of Hillsborough (3) - The Tigers like the two above them have not posted results since the December 18th list was posted

4. Canterbury High School Celtics (4) - The Celtics did post two wins against the Woodstock High JV team. On December 21st it was Canterbury winning at home 77 - 74 in a tightly contested game.  The next evening in Woodstock, the Canterbury girls were more prepared and took it to the Woodstock JV team 76 - 51.

5. Stanley Consolidated School Blue Devils (5) - The Blue Devils did not play since our last top ten was released

6. Petitcodiac Regional High School Panthers (6) - The Panthers also did not play over the last few weeks.

7. Nackawic Senior High School Nighthawks (7) - The Nighthawks did not record any games since the December 18th list was posted.

8. Belleisle Regional High School Bruins (8) - The Bruins did not post any games recently.

9. Chipman Forest Avenue School Crusaders (9) - The Crusaders hang around as there were only a couple of games posted across the Single A girls since Dec 18th.

10. Dalhousie Regional High School Condors (10) - Dalhousie will round out the top ten again due to the lack of posted results.

Junior Varsity AAA / AA Girls Top Ten

Junior Varsity Girls Top 10 (January 1st, 2021)

Happy New Year.  With only a single game posted since our last top ten on December 24th we have just a small change in the list.

1. Fredericton High School Black Kats (1) - The Defending champs from Fredericton High remain in the top spot.  Nothing new posted.

2. Riverview High School Royals (2) - The Royals look like the beast in the East but have not been dominant so they will need to be careful.

3. Ecole Mathieu-Martin Vedettes of Dieppe (3) - The Mathieu-Martin girls will remain in 3rd although 4 and 5 will be coming for them very soon..

4. Miramichi Valley High School Pulamoo (4) - The Pulamoo will stay in the fourth spot.  Another win over Varsity AA Bathurst on the 29th. No details found.

5. Bernice MacNaughton High School Highlanders of Moncton (5) - The Highlanders have been close with Riverview in their two losses but for now they remain at number 5.  Big league games coming up

6. Woodstock High School Thunder (AA) (6) - The Thunder stays put at #6.  two losses to Canterbury Varsity  but that will not impact them here.

7. Moncton High School Purple Knights (7) - The Purple Knights have taken some tough losses this year but without anything newcoming in they remain at number 7.

8. James M Hill High School Tommies of Miramichi (AA) (8) - The Tommies played Varsity single A North & South Esk on December 30th.  The Tommies won 68 - 31.

9. Sussex Regional High School Sonics (AA) (NR) - The Sonics had a with Fundy on December 15th that was not previously reported in which the Sonics won 47 - 46.  The two met again in Sussex on December 30th.  Sussex would win again, this time 58 - 49, at home in the Sonic Dome.  Sussex on the list and debuting at number 9.

10. Leo Hayes High School Lions of Fredericton (10) - The Lions have been idle and/or quiet recently.  They hold onto the 10th spot for now.

Looking In: Fundy High School Mariners of St. George (AA) (9) - The Mariners have two tough losses to Sussex, 47 - 46 and 58 - 49. On the outside now.